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In the Immortal Words of Staind, "It's Been Awhile"

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Well, so much for consistency.

For a short time (a very short time), I regularly posted blogs once or twice a week. However, between researching, photographing, writing, editing, and posting the blogs, as well as managing my website, a HUGE chunk of my time was being spent on blogging. Now, if blogging were the main goal that would be fine. But blogging is not my main goal.

I started this blog because everything I was reading about being a freelance writer said that I had to have a blog. Fine, great, sure. Blogging was taking up so much of my time, though, that I had no mental energy or creative juices left for the writing I really wanted to be doing. I don’t have a lot of mental energy or creative juices these days as it is, but blogging was sucking me dry. I also felt like I was coming up with ideas just to have a blog to post, not necessarily because I had something to say. So I took a break.

And now the new (new (new?)) plan is to post a blog once a month for sure. I may post an additional blog during the month if I have a good idea or have an update, but there will definitely be one blog posted per month.

Now that the new plan is out of the way, how about some life updates?

1. COVID-19 is still a thing and the world still sucks.

2. I still don’t have a job.

3. I still have depression and anxiety.

That about sums up life currently.

I’m trying to work on a few writing projects, but this corona situation is wreaking havoc on my mental health and motivation. I’ve been going through some old writings and typing them up so I don’t have to keep a ton of half-filled notebooks. Boy are there some real doozies in there. At least I know that my writing has improved as I’ve gotten older. I’ll share some of my old stuff with you in future months. You’ll get a good laugh!

I guess that’s about if for now. I’m not sure yet what January’s blog post will be about, but there WILL be a January blog post. I promise.

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