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Welcome to Drops Of Ink!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

As I mentioned on the About Me page, I spent most of my school years working towards my goal of becoming a CPA and tax accountant. And I’ve spent most of my career in the oil and gas industry. Now, though, as I face being out of a job due to the acquisition of my current company by an Austin-based company, I also face a decision. Continue in my career as a production reporting analyst in an industry that, although lucrative and interesting, can also be unstable, OR venture out in the opposite direction and build a career in the field of creative writing. Honestly, both options scare me. In the oil and gas industry, there is never certainty of a job. In creative writing, there is never certainty of a paycheck.

The reality is that I will likely never be able to fully support myself as a creative writer. For every Stephen King or Michael Crichton there are a myriad of writers who haven’t found the same success. Most writers, I imagine, are never (how many times have I used the word ‘never’ so far??) published, much less make a living from their writing. Yes, there are plenty of writers who love writing but just aren’t that good at it; I may well be one of them. But I still think the good writers don’t find a lot of opportunity for public achievement. Sad, but true.

Despite that knowledge, I find myself pulled toward creative writing more and more. I’ve been writing as long as I can remember. As a kid I would write skits for my siblings and the daycare kids to act out. My best friend and I would stay up all night working on whatever story we were writing at the time. In school I loved writing essays, poems, journal entries, or anything else really. Writing is part of me, but as an adult that isn’t in a creative field, finding time and energy for my passion has been difficult. So if nothing else, I hope this journey allows me to fulfill the creative need a bit more. Though I do hope for some success as well.

Drops Of Ink is my starting point. Hopefully I can build a bit of an audience and get some interesting blogs out in the world while I work on my books. Currently, I have started planning and/or writing five books, one of which is a children’s book. I have about eight bajillion more ideas in my head as well. I also have several stories I wrote growing up that I wouldn’t mind editing and putting into a compilation. Then there’s the poems/lyrics I’ve written, and at least a couple of plays. Just so much writing... Eventually I’ll post some of my past writing, and I’ll post tidbits of my current writing as well.

I really hope that, even though I may not be the world’s best writer, you enjoy reading Drops Of Ink. Maybe you find some humor in my writing; maybe you can relate to the subjects I write about; maybe you hate-read the blog. My goal is to provide you with something enjoyable to read at least once a week.

So enjoy my site and drop me a line every now and then by email or chat. Welcome! And thanks for being here!

PS Please don’t expect perfect grammar. I’m just an imperfect human girl.

PPS I know the ‘of’ in Drops Of Ink shouldn’t be capitalized, but it’s my blog and I want it capitalized. So there!

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